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  Phoenix Update 4/7/17 
 Photo of the Week
Our Photo of the Week celebrates a well-deserved recognition of Cali Lapenta ’17. For her inspiring work and tireless efforts raising money for underprivileged children to attend classes at Melrose Dance Academy, Channel 7 sent a news crew and presented Cali with their "Class Act" award. Waiting to surprise her in the Learning Commons, were her parents, Mr. Nunan, and dozens of her fellow seniors. Stay tuned for a website story and more information on when Cali’s spotlight will air on Channel 7. Great work, Cali! 

Calendar at a Glance

Friday, April 7: Quarter 3 Ends: Grade 12.

Friday, April 7: Spirit Assembly: Navy Schedule: 1:30 PM.

Monday, April 10 - Thursday, April 13: Senior Exams.

Tuesday, April 11: Morning Mass: Saint Joseph Chapel: 7:10 AM.

Tuesday, April 11: Academic Awards Assembly: Maroon Schedule: 9:15 AM.

Thursday, April 13: Holy Thursday Prayer Service & Senior Commissioning: Navy Schedule: 1:30 PM.

Friday, April 14: Good Friday: No Classes.

Sunday, April 16: Happy Easter!

Monday, April 17 - Friday, April 21: April Break: No Classes.

Monday, April 17 - Friday, April 21: Haiti Service Immersion Trip.

Monday, April 24: Senior Service Begins.

Wednesday, April 26: New Parent Coffee & Math Placement Test.

Wednesday, April 26: College Road for the Class of 2020.

Friday, April 28: Junior Retreat.


Parent/Guardian Insider

Click on the links below for more information on these important events and updates:

Senior Final Exam Schedule & Info

College Counseling Office Notes

Summer Enrichment Highlight


What is your American Dream?

— Ruochen (Peter) Su ’20

 Quote of the Week
Our Quote of the Week comes from Ruochen (Peter) Su ’20, who spoke of the transition he has made from China to the U.S. Peter reflected on the common perceptions (and misconceptions) of “The American Dream,” and he explained that his embracing of a new language, culture, and country has become his “American Dream.” Peter concluded by asking his classmates a simple question that is important for each of us. 
 Chapel Speakers for the Week
R.Su, Y.Tiglianidis-Pena, A.Lazard, A.Stefura, S.Pappas, Q.Wang, Yiwen.Liu, N.Khoory, A.Fleureny, M.Bjoernstad, B.Tracanna, R.Hanna, M.Ransom, C.Cassidy, C.Ferent, W.McGough, V.Ho, L.Fabrizio, C.DiPalma  (Read Highlights)

Scholar Highlights

Click on the links below for the full story on these excellent experiences in the classroom:

Ms. Gabriel’s & Ms. Hughes’ Senior Theology Scholars

Ms. Scorza’s AP Government Scholars

Mr. Glozzy’s Studio Art Scholars

Ms. Griffith’s Geometry Scholars

Mr. Tice’s CAD Scholars


Student-Athlete Highlights

Click on the link below for updates on our athletic teams at Saint Joseph Prep:

Spring Sports Season Update


Club/Activity Highlights

Click on the links below for more information on these Club and Activity updates:

Harvard Crimson Journalism Conference

Campus Ministry Lenten Project: Haiti


Alumni Spotlight

Natalie FitzPatrick, SJP ’16 & Warren O’Reilly, Trinity Catholic ’02


A Word from Mr. Nunan

Friends—And Alumni—for Life

Recently, I had the chance to catch up with one of our amazing seniors. I learned that she and a few of her closest friends from the Class of 2017 have been with each other since kindergarten; they all went to the same grammar school… and then all came here. When our conversation turned to graduation, she said with more than a little melancholy in her voice, “Yea… it will be strange not to see them… not to be with them… every day.”

This edition of the Phoenix Update is going out to the alumni from all of our schools—to the graduates of Mount Saint Joseph Academy, Trinity Catholic High School, Newton Catholic, Our Lady’s, and Saint Joseph Prep. Our recently created Alumni Network, which welcomes and includes all alumni, is deeply reflective of the charism of our founders and sponsors, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston—that all may be one.

As the soon-to-be-graduate mentioned above will soon discover, she and her fellow seniors will be connected forever; they will be friends—and alumni—for life.

Graduates from all of our schools may ask, “Why stay connected? Why get engaged? Why bother about my alma mater? Why care about its current iteration, Saint Joseph Prep?” These are good questions.

Here is my answer. For you.  

For you… so that you may remember: If you take but a moment to reflect on your high school experience, you know well what happens. It starts with an old photo or a familiar song; maybe it is something that comes to you in a dream (like St. Joseph), or maybe it is coming across a name or a face, out of the blue. Then, quite suddenly, it all comes back. The memories and experiences, etched in your mind and heart, are revealed and restored, as if someone has wiped the windshield or cleared away the dust. It is some moment at the dance, in detention, or in the dining hall; at the front of the classroom, in the middle of the court, or at the back of the chapel; it is with that treasured, somewhat notorious group of your classmates or with that best friend who became like a second sibling. The faces of your closest friends and the voices of your beloved teachers; the taste of your favorite lunch and the feel of your old uniform; the locker combination and the morning announcements; the rhythm of the school year, going through the seasons; the awkward moments of freshmen year and the bittersweet emotions of graduation; it all comes back. Let it come back.  Remember. As a wise Jesuit reminded me often, “Remember, be grateful, and be glad.”

For you… so that you may be happy: There is perhaps no other time in our lives like the time we have in high school. So much change, so much growth; it is all so new… and we were all so young. Everything touched us, moved us, shaped us, formed us; life “sunk in” to us in ways that are difficult to explain… but easy to feel. The relationships we formed in high school, the friendships we made in high school, are different than any other. We went through it together. You know this well, because every time you see one of your friends from high school—no matter how many years, even decades, have passed—you are friends again… just as you were… just as if the years had melted away. You look to each other just as you looked when you were 17… it all comes back. Stay connected. And if you have lost touch, get reconnected. You owe it to yourself… and to your classmates. These are sacred relationships; they have stood the test of time; they are truly life-giving; they are sources of comfort and consolation, of hope and joy.

For you… so that you may be inspired: Your legacy, whether from Newton or Brighton, whether from the 50’s or the 80’s, is alive and well at Saint Joseph Prep. Your legacy lives on in the next generation of students; they stand on your shoulders. They need you. And, I would argue, you need them. Meet them, see them, relate to them, connect with them, and most importantly, see yourselves in them. Trust me, you will be moved. Hear their stories of family and friendship. Share their struggles—from learning Chemistry to navigating adolescence, from giving a public speech to getting a summer job. Celebrate their victories, from earning academic honors to landing lead roles, from going to the state tournament to getting a coveted college acceptance. You’ll recognize something of you in our scholars; they come from the same towns; they deal with the same commutes; they have many of the same questions, the same fears, the same hopes, and the same dreams. They want the best educational experience, and they are relying on you to help provide it. More than that, by supporting those who follow in your footsteps, you will know that you are making a difference—for these young women and men, for their families, for the school that embodies your legacy, and for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston. Relish in that feeling of satisfaction, of connection. The Sisters remind us that relationship is at the heart of everything. Enter into relationship with this next generation of your alumni sisters and brothers… and be renewed.

We are your school and you are our alumni. We are in this together—that all may be one.


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