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Academic Highlights, May 18

Mrs. Osborne’s Biology Scholars

In Mrs. Osborne’s 9th grade Biology classes, students are exploring a unit on Genetics. To understand the patterns of inheritance and how certain traits are passed on through generations, they are currently studying Punnett squares. They will start with an examination of hair color in rabbits and move on to predicting children’s blood types. The juniors taking AP Biology are now working on independent study projects. Vivian Ho ’18 is looking at the real science behind “Jurassic Park,” Kate Stanislaski ’18 is researching strange, but true medical diagnoses, Jacob Yang ’18 is reviewing the genetics behind mental illness and substance abuse disorders, Emma Wren ’18 is preparing for an upcoming summer trip to Thailand by learning more about the animals, plants, and viruses indigenous to the area, and Kirk Zhou ’18 will be studying fusion and how substances react with each other.

Ms. Griffith’s Geometry Scholars

Ms. Griffith’s Geometry classes are in the middle of a unit on Proportions, Ratios, and Similarity. To further their understanding, students have been tasked with picking an object, identifying its dimensions, and then recreating that object on a larger or smaller scale. Some examples of the 3D objects students have chosen include an iPad, household furniture, a tea bag, the Prudential Center, and the Great Pyramid of Giza. Upon completion, students will submit a reflection paper outlining their process, paying special attention to the theorems and concepts they learned in class. The models will be on display as the class takes a museum tour to check out their peers’ work!

Mr. Macdonald’s English Scholars

Juniors in Mr. Macdonald’s English classes have begun the important task of writing their college essays. Working closely with the Guidance and College Planning office, students will have three drafts reviewed alternately by Mr. Macdonald, Ms. Piendak, and Mr. O’Mara. As the Class of 2018 makes strides towards a finished product, the primary goal is to draw the reader in using concrete details; showing, not telling. While three drafts will not be the end of the road on this process, the juniors will have a polished draft to continue editing throughout the summer.

Ms. Gabriel’s Theology Scholars

Last week, Ms. Gabriel’s Theology 1 classes were tasked with taking a parable from the gospels of Matthew or Luke and rewriting it in a modern context. The students then created comic strips to illustrate their parables. Using many unique and modern examples to present Jesus’ parables and overall, they students produced excellent work. As examples, Nik King ’20 (image 1) chose to rewrite the Parable of Talents, Briana Hamilton ’20 (images 3 and 4 below) had her own take on the Parable of the Lost Sheep, and Gabe Hanna ’20 (image 2) put an SJP twist on the Parable of the Good Samaritan. Great work, Theology I!


Mr. Scarlata’s World History Scholars

In Mr. Scarlata’s World History II classes, students explored the causes, lived experiences, and results of the Vietnam War. The unit concluded with a gallery walk in the classroom with various stations providing information and statistics related to everything from the effects of Agent Orange to the anti-war music that was popular during that era. Students collected data and then discussed what they learned throughout the unit.

Ms. Creamer’s Spanish Scholars

Ms. Creamer’s Spanish 2 Honors class performed dialogues that they wrote last week. The goal of this activity was to help someone who had gotten lost in a city. The groups had to make up why and how they got lost, ask for help, and get back on track with the help of a conversation partner!

Aidan Wech ’20Brian Wheet ’20, and Ben Wheet ’20 took a creative and funny approach with their conversation, supported by Aidan’s captivating and expressive acting.

Ms. Creamer congratulates all of the groups on a job well done!


Posted by D. Shiner on Wednesday May, 17 at 07:11PM

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