Saint Joseph Preparatory High School promotes the development of the whole person, encourages young men and women to pursue a challenging and engaging secondary education in a Christian community and empowers them to recognize and share their gifts by providing a rigorous, college preparatory curriculum.

Students pursue a challenging academic course load, which exceeds the Massachusetts state requirements and provides a variety of elective opportunities. The School’s membership in the Virtual High School Collaborative offers a wide array of advanced and special-interest courses.

Additionally, the young men and women are encouraged to develop their higher order thinking skills year-round via the Summer Enrichment Program which transitions directly into Fall term courses.

On alternate years, the School offers a science-based field study trip to Florida through the Earth Shuttle Program, as well as a European trip. Additional travel opportunities are periodically available through the service program.

At all times, the young men and women of Saint Joseph Prep are supported spiritually through the Campus Ministry Program, and academically through the Advisory program, the Academic Enrichment Center, the Guidance Office and the Learning Commons.

Teachers, counselors, advisors and administrators exercise a very special partnership with parents on behalf of the students. Parents are encouraged to be in touch with their sons and or daughter’s advisors and teachers via e-mail, and to avail of the opportunity to track their progress through our PowerSchool Program.

SJP’s Overarching Academic Goals

  1. Aspiring to the highest intellectual standards for our students.
  2. A firm commitment to mastering content and the development of academic skills essential to allowing each student to reach their fullest potential in high school, college and beyond.
  3. The effective integration of technology into the curriculum
  4. A commitment to cross-curricular cooperation in order to achieve all of our overarching goals. It is in part because of this commitment we have an expectation, that all teachers at Saint Joseph Preparatory High School are teachers of writing, reading, research and public speaking.
  5. An emphasis in instruction to offering project based learning opportunities.
  6. A commitment to design, develop and integrate a comprehensive student-centered STEAM based program.
  7. To build a curriculum and promote a climate which will inspire students to practice Christian values in a pluralistic society.
  8. To encourage each young man and woman to identify and celebrate the presence of God in his/her personal life and in community with others.
  9. To empower each young man and woman to recognize and share his/her gifts, assume leadership, and actively participate in creating a just society.

Expectations for all teachers at Saint Joseph Preparatory High School

  1. Every teacher at SJP is a teacher of writing, reading and public speaking.
  2. Every student will be challenged to complete a rigorous and comprehensive program of studies.
  3. Clear, concise and level appropriate measurable learning objectives are always clearly stated at the beginning of each lesson. Individual teachers will use alternative grade appropriate strategies to accomplish this. Because we are mindful of the need to meet the diverse learning styles within the classroom, our preferred method of delivery is through some kind of visual presentation of these objectives.
  4. Students will be challenged to master content and skills through creative, educationally sound and meaningful instruction.
  5. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of content and skills, through a set of regular, rigorous and educationally sound assessments. These assessments should vary in style and format and be primarily focused on building mastery of higher order thinking skills.
  6. Students and parents will have the opportunity to asses progress in mastering skills and content, concepts and ideas through regular, substantive and constructive feedback from the teacher. (See PowerSchool for more information.)
  7. Teachers will update PowerSchool at least once a week.
  8. Teachers should not plan to utilize extended video footage as part of their instruction. Short video clips may be used. If teachers wish to show an extended video sequence, they should plan on furnishing their Dept. Chair and/or Assistant Head of School for Academics with a unit/lesson plan that helps rationalize its use.
  9. All our teachers teach bell to bell.
  10. All our teachers teach with their doors open.
  11. We expect that inquiries from parents be responded to in a timely and professional manner. As a rule of thumb, an inquiry from a parent will be responded to within 24 hours.
  12. With respect to additional academic assistance, teachers will make accommodation in their schedule, allowing them to be available for students. Unless otherwise involved in afterschool programs, or as coaches, all teachers will be available after school for at least one hour: 2:30 – 3:30pm. Teachers are also expected to be in their instructional spaces by 7:35am.

A graduate of SJPHS is a well-rounded individual who:

  • Can think analytically, is a creative thinker and problem-solver;
  • Has demonstrated mastery of complex communication – oral and written;
  • Is a leader, and can work effectively as part of a team;
  • Is skilled in digital and quantitative literacy;
  • Has a global perspective;
  • Is adaptable, shows initiative, and is a risk-taker;
  • Above all they have integrity, demonstrate ethical decision-making skills and embrace a commitment to compassionate leadership and selfless service.
  • Forms a unique relationship with God and develops an authentic prayer life

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