Phoenix Update 9/14/17 
 Photo of the Week
Our Photo of the Week honors the tradition of our community at Saint Joseph Prep where we join hands in reciting the Lord’s Prayer. The picture above was taken at our Opening of School Mass on Friday, September 8. The first week of School included grade level orientations, athletic competition, first day of classes, and culminated with gathering at Mass with our ministers of faith, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston. (See the full web story below.) 

Calendar at a Glance

Thursday, Sept. 14: All Athlete & Parent Meeting: SJP Gym: 5:30 PM.

Thursday, Sept. 14: Back-to-School Cookout: SJP Parking Lot: 5:30 - 7:30 PM.

Tuesday, Sept. 19: Morning Mass: Saint Joseph Chapel: 7:10 AM.

Tuesday, Sept. 19: Clubs Fair at Lunch: 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM.

Thursday, Sept. 21: Back-to-School Night: 6:00 - 8:30 PM.

Friday, Sept. 22: Final Day to Make Course Changes.

Tuesday, Sept. 26: Morning Mass: Saint Joseph Chapel: 7:10 AM.

Tuesday, Sept. 26: Parent/Faculty Book Club Meeting: Learning Commons: 6:15 - 7:30 PM.

Wednesday, Sept. 27: Interested Student Visit Day.

Wednesday, Sept. 27: Senior College Information Night: 6:30 - 7:30 PM.

Thursday, Sept. 28: Class of 2021 Retreat.


Parent/Guardian Insider

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Save the Date: Five-Year Celebration!

Free Boston College Tutors

College Counseling & Guidance Update

Admissions’ Corner


I write to share my deep and abiding gratitude to you and your faculty and staff at Saint Joseph Prep. You not only talked the talk, you walked the walk. Those few minutes (you spent with my student) made all the difference!

— SJP Parent

 Quote of the Week
As you will learn this year, we are celebrating those in our community who practice these values. Nominations for students and teachers who embody these virtues can be submitted to me by all members of our St. Joe’s Prep family. Enjoy this affirmation from a thankful parent about one of our dedicated advisors. 

Scholar Highlights

Click on the link below for the full story on these excellent experiences in the classroom:

Ms. Bacon’s Spanish Scholars, Mrs. Daly’s Math Scholars, Mr. Patolia’s Chemistry Scholars, Mr. Glozzy’s Studio Art Scholars, and Ms. Gabriel’s Theology Scholars 


Student-Athlete Highlights

Click on the link below for updates on our athletic teams at Saint Joseph Prep:

Fall Sports Season Update


Club/Activity Highlights

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Parent/Faculty Book Club


A Word from Mr. Nunan

Greetings, everyone! Welcome… and welcome back… to St. Joe’s Prep!

We are off to a fantastic start. From the Freshmen Orientation to the Opening Mass, from the initial advisor meetings to the first athletic contests, we are fully engaged!

At our All-School Gathering to begin the year, I offered a few reflections, some of which are included in the website story on our homepage. Here are the complete remarks:

Preface: the choice is always ours:

  • We have the power to choose our actions and attitudes, to determine our destinies; no one can take this away from us.
  • We always have the power to decide, even in the most difficult and desperate circumstances, our outlook, our approach; no matter what life brings to us or throws at us, we can always choose our response.
  • This is both beautiful and terrible—exciting and unnerving; our lives are our own; we are ultimately responsible for who we are, for what we do.

So what choices can we make this year? I’ll suggest four.

1.  Be Positive

  • We mistakenly, at least in my view, assume that great artists and athletes were “born” that way; we do the same with great scholars, even here at SJP, assuming that they were “made” that way. Worse, we do this with positive people, with people who are happy, cheerful, upbeat, and joyful; they were simply born with that bright smile on their face, we say—God just make them like that.
  • Not true. Amazing artists and athletes practice… more than we can imagine; high-achieving scholars study…more than even their parents and guardians may know. And positive people… well, they choose to be that way; they decide to be optimistic; they choose to have an attitude of gratitude. That smile—it may be their nature; it is their decision.
  • So, even when the weather is bad and the commute is long, be positive. Even when the sleep is little and the homework is much, be positive. Even when your appearance is less than you’d like and your schedule is more than you’d want, be positive. Even when you’re having issues in your house or in your relationships, be positive. It will make a difference for everyone around you—and especially for you.

2.  Be Open

  • Guess who is welcome here? Everyone. Let me say that again. Everyone. We are called to do more than respect each other at SJP. We are called to accept, to affirm, to embrace, and to encourage everyone.
  • Let me clarify. It matters not your economic circumstances or your family dynamics, not your looks or your friends. You are welcome. Whatever your racial background, your sexual orientation, your immigrant status, your political party, your culture and color, your race and religion—and whatever your views and opinions are regarding such issues—these make you who you are. You are welcome. As we say here at Saint Joseph Prep: There is no us and them; there is only us; and us includes everyone.
  • Some things, then, are not welcome: hatred, bigotry, injustice, insensitivity, gossip, pettiness, discrimination, prejudice, bullying, and belittling; these have no place here.

3.  Be One

  • This is part of our theme for the year and, more importantly, the centerpiece of our calling as a school; this is the charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston; that all may be one.
  • Note that the Sisters do not wish us all to be the same—just one. What does this mean, to be one? It means to come together, genuinely and authentically, not in spite of our differences but even in the midst of them. Here, we do not merely “tolerate” our unique backgrounds, experiences, talents, and gifts—as if we had to “put up” with them. No, we celebrate them!
  • It also means that we care for each other, because each one of us is connected to the other. It means that when we see a classmate struggle, we reach out to him, and that when we see a teammate suffer, we look out for her; when we worry that a friend or fellow student is carrying a burden to heavy to bear, we offer to lift it; when one of us succeeds, all of us cheer; when one of us excels, all of us applaud; and when we fear than someone we know may be in a moment of crisis, we say something… we talk to an adult in our SJP Family who can help. This is what happens when we are one.

4.  Be Holy

  • Pray. Just pray. From whatever spiritual tradition or religions background you come—or do not come—pray. Find a few moments in silence to start your day. Take a few minutes of reflection to end your day. Pause at some point, just to say thank you to whatever Divinity you worship. Join me each morning in the Chapel at 7:30 for some quiet time. Meditate.  Wonder. Breath. Rest. Experience the love God has for you… and for those around you. Be aware of the presence of God within you… and within those around you.
  • There will be challenges and struggles; there may even be times when we are tempted to despair, times when we, like the disciples on the boat in today’s gospel passage, feel that we have worked all night and caught nothing. I ask you, even in those times, especially in those moments, pray. Whatever that means to you. Just pray. You will hear the words, Do not be afraid.


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